Garden Trust

When laying out and arranging for the development of Montagu Square the Portman Estate obtained in 1813 the passage of an Act of Parliament which provides that all occupiers of houses fronting on the Square are to be trustees of the garden, with the duty of keeping it up and embellishing it.   The ownership of all “railings, gates, furniture, materials, trees, shrubs, etc” is vested in the Trust. The Trust is given the power to levy a rate on trustees for the cost of the upkeep of the Garden. There is an annual general meeting of the trustees, which fixes the rate for the year, makes policy decisions and appoints a committee and officers to carry out that policy and generally to manage the affairs of the garden. The Trust is also empowered to employ a Clerk to the Trust. The jurisdiction of the Garden Trust is confined to that conferred by the Act, which extends to the garden railings and everything situated or planted inside them. Trustees/Occupiers are entitled to a key to the garden.

The trustees are is very fortunate in having Joseph Jones as Contract Gardeners.  The Committee work very closely with Joe and committee members regularly walk the garden with him making suggestions and discussing possible improvements.